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LUH-4, universal-headset with volume-control, PTT + slidable boom, blue

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LUH-4, universal-headset with volume-control, PTT + slidable boom, blue
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with adaptorcable for :
with adaptorcable for
switch-cable ICOM IC-A15 and:
switch-cable ICOM IC-A15 and
additional connector:
additional connector
additional PTT:
additional PTT
The original LOESCHER-universal-headset is developed and made by LOESCHER-electronic, Germany. 
It is designed for customes who whant and need a maximum value of flexibility and quality of there Aviation headset.
This headset is approved since some years strong>1000`th of times worldwide from paramotor-pilots, ultralight-pilots and also other privat and commercial users.
  • Made by in Germany, by Loescher-electronic
  • Connectable to:
  1. almost all general aviation equipment / air band radios
  2. almost all professional, HAM and FRS radios e.g. from 
    KENWOOD, ICOM, Uniden, YAESU, Vertex Standard, MAAS, DNT, Alinco, Albrecht, STABO, Alan, Midland, Motorola, TEAM, PUXING etc. 
    = you save money, because you have no need to buy a new headset if you have a new radio
  3. two simultaneous radios devices such as e.g. air band radio and HAM-radio 
  4. one mobile phone
  5. one IPOD or an MP-3 Player
  • adaptorcables are with extremly robust, XLR connectors as coupling connectors to the headset.
  • This type of XLR connectors allows the connect and disconnect the headset even during the flight to the radio
  • The PTT is placed at the left side of the headset (Standard), PTT at left side is possible > just tell us wich side you like
  • Softgel-Earpads
  • special noise canceld and shock protected microphones allowing a radio transmission, even in very noisy environment conditions
  • pat. Dual-microphone-system, for a maximum of flexibility
  • Noise attenuation: Signal-to-Noice / SNR-value ratio up to 34 dB, by using high quality PELTOR Optime II earmuffs 
  • Two-point suspension with continuous height adjustment ensures good pressure and comfortable at long-term use
  • no battery necessary
  • can be delivered with helmet mounting or headboom
  • Together with the ICARO2000 SkyRider ULM-helmet, the noise protection capsules of the headset can be folded and fixed to the outside, to hear the Vario or engine sound undamped.
  • weight: appr. 300 gramm (without adaptorcable)
  • adaptercables with additional mobilephone connection
  • adaptorcables with external PTT adaptorcables with MP-3-/IPOD-connector
  • adaptorcables for simultaneous operation of two radios
  • Bluetooth adapter for using a bluetooth device and radio together
  • PTT button at both sides of the earcup
  • we produce customer request adaptorcables, please just ask!

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