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REGA 2, Helcopterhelm mit integriertem Visier, ohne Headset

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REGA 2, Helcopterhelm mit integriertem Visier, ohne Headset
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Visier für REGA:
Visier für REGA
the main features:
  • when closed, the visor is integrated inside the helmet, between the fiberglass shell and the polystyrene.
  • an astonishing new Italian design.
Principal features          
  • Visor includet
  • Interchangeable internal padding > One size fits all (optional)
  • Adjustable plastic-coated stainless steel wire sidepieces with luxury chin strap; (registered model)
  • Ear cups and headsets can be mounted
  • Shell made of fiberglass composite material
  • Certification E.N. 966
  • Made in Italy

Important advise

  The Rega helmet is developed on commission from the Swiss "Rega" rescue service.
It is not used by the helicopter pilots, but by the doctors who have to rescue injured people. The doctors are inside the helicopter or on the outside winch. So they never receive a horizontal air flow directly from the front, but only from above.
As the visor is very short, it is not suitable for pilots flying paramotors or open microlights. In such craft, the airflow reaching the pilot causes uncomfortable turbulence between the visor and the eyes. Therefore we recommend that this helmet should be used only by pilots flying in an enclosed cockpit.

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